Hey there,


I am Nico & this is my stuff.

What I do

Full-Stack Web Development

I am very proficient as a solo developer but I also can be a great addition to any Team. Fullstack web development mostly using (but not limited to) LAMP + JS + CSS3/HTML5, along with several popular frameworks.

System Administration

All kinds of Linux flavors, Apache and Nginx web servers. Migrations, support, security, deployment and automation under any OS in which the TUX is the star.

Design / Illustration

Less experienced but equally passionate, I can work with Photoshop doing all sorts of stuff... from logo designs, app mock-ups, to Illustrations using my awesome Wacom Cintiq.

I am

Nico Mengual, a Digital Nomad, full-stack web developer, SysAdmin, and amateur artist in my free time. I have graduated with a Bachelor degree in Information Systems Analysis, from the National Technological University in Cordoba, Argentina.

I am passionate about technology, I am a non-stop learner who works full time for Toptal while I travel around the world. I have a passion for understanding things, creating beautiful products, troubleshooting and solving problems.

I got
The skills

On the Back-end: PHP, Python & MySQL using frameworks like Codeigniter, Laravel, Django, Flask, SlimPHP, Wordpress, Joomla, and more.

On the Front-End: HTML/5, CSS/3 & JavaScript using libraries like JQuery and frameworks like Bootstrap, UiKit, Foundation, Angular JS & React JS.

I am also experienced as a SysAdmin and Designer.









Work Samples


Illustrations for fun!

Just because I loss the track of time

Most of this work can be found in my sketches blog (drawnic.com), that's where I keep a log of the sketches that every once in a while just pops-up while I'm reasting the brain from so much programming

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fun fun fun

More sketches and illustrations for fun!

Most of them done in any pencil I find, and then the coloring using a wacom cintiq companion 13'


Freelancing work as a Web Developer in all layers, DevOp, and Designer.

Design, Front-end coding, Back-end and SysAdmin tasks.

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Political Cartoons

Political drawings For a local magazine called "Cuarto Poder"

Illustrations in the local weekly political newspaper called "El Cuarto Poder"

Other independent mixed work

Digital illustrations / Mixed media

A lot of variety in Comision work, from painting walls to art pieces in wood, paper, and more.

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Contact Me

I am available for commissions in the illustration/design field only. Can't wait for the next exciting project!

Feel free to contact me.